ICI is attended by professionals from a wide variety of the scientific backgrounds and applied technologies.

The isotope community draws upon numerous specialists from around the world—nuclear and medical physicists, radiochemists, radio-ecologists, nuclear engineers, material scientists, physicians, health physicists, non-proliferation experts, and national and international leaders from business, industry and government.


Why You Should Attend 9ICI


Are you in academia or research? The 9ICI is designed to help promote your work and provide you with the opportunity to network with colleagues. Our session format allows for active information exchange and a positive experience for presenters and the audience. For authors wishing to publish full manuscripts of their oral or poster presentations in a peer review journal, we are making arrangements for special editions of two publications.


Are you in industry and government? The 9ICI is your opportunity to network with leaders in isotope research, global isotope producers, representatives of government ministries and agencies, and members of the international business community. Plenary and keynote speaker include leaders in nuclear science, technology development, international organizations, and regulatory bodies.


Is networking important to you? The organizers of the 9ICI recognize that travel to Doha is not easy and so want to ensure you are rewarded with a great conference experience. The 9ICI is designed to balance technical sessions and panels with plenary and special topics to give delegates a global view of the dynamic isotope industry. We understand that a key part to that experience is the opportunity to network with colleagues and seek business opportunities. We have designed a conference schedule that promotes networking and exchange of ideas as well as provide you with the opportunity to learn about cutting edge research and hear from global leaders in the isotope community.