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The 9th ICI Technical Program will be of equal interest to the scientific and business communities. Sessions are organized by track within seven topic areas:

  • Isotope Production and Devices
  • Isotope Research and Applications
  • Isotopes in the Environment
  • Security of Supply, Safety, and Transportation
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Policy, Economics, and Global Impact of Isotope Production and Use
  • Design, Construction, Operation and Decommissioning of Production Facilities


Session Formats

Oral Paper Sessions:  Paper Sessions will have two co-chair organizers and either 5 or 7 oral presentations in the session.  Each presenter is allowed 20 minutes which includes questions and answers.  Presenters should be mindful of time constraints and strive to complete their presentation within 15 minutes to allow for questions.  Please see Attachment 1 for abstract submission format and template.

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Poster Sessions:  Poster Sessions will have two co-chair organizers. Electronic poster boards (E-Posters) will be provided with a 16:9 format in landscape. Specifications and capabilities to incorporated items such as videos will be provided later.  Please see Attachment for abstract submission format and template.

Download E-Poster Instructions

Panel Sessions:  Panel Sessions will have two co-chairs and up to 5 panelists.  No papers or presentations are required.  Panels are intended to encourage open dialogue and exchange of information.  Co-chairs are expected to moderate discussions and encourage participation. Panelists will be given a brief (5 minutes) opportunity to frame issues of importance to the discussion.  Panel Session organizers should see Attachment for abstract submission format and template.


Presentation Materials:  Authors are requested to bring a flash drive with their presentation materials.  Staff will be available at the 9th ICI registration area to assist you in loading your materials. Please provide the staff with your materials the day before your session.


Requirements and Instructions for Journal Publications: Information will be provided for authors of oral and poster papers to submit their papers for review and consideration for publication.  9th ICI is making arrangements with journal(s) to publish papers from the conference in special edition(s).