About the ICI

The ICI conferences are organized by the World Council on Isotopes (WCI) and a participating organization to highlight the importance of nuclear science, medicine, and isotope technology in advancing human health and protection of the environment. The first ICI conference was in 1995 in Beijing, China and have since been held on nearly every major continent—in Sydney, Australia; Vancouver, Canada; Cape Town, South Africa; Brussels, Belgium; Seoul, Korea; Moscow, Russia, and Chicago, United States.

In November 2017, the ICI will be held in Doha, Qatar and is being organized by the Qatar Physics Society. It is the first time the ICI has been held in the Middle East, an area with a rapidly growing nuclear power industry and need for medical and industrial isotopes.


Why ICI is Important

The ICI is a globally recognized conference and one of the few dedicated to fundamental and applied aspects in isotope production, distribution, devices, applications, and measurements. This year the ICI is expanding to address the design, operation, and decommissioning of isotope production facilities and systems. The isotope industry is changing as new technologies and systems are deployed and old facilities need to be remediated or replaced. The ICI provides a unique global forum for the isotope research community and industry to meet and